Rosacea Treatment


When we meet with clients who have rosacea, the most common complaint they have is the persistent redness of their skin, whatever changes they make to their diet or skincare routine.

However, we have carefully developed treatment plans at MySkin to help you to deal with and overcome any issues you might have if you suffer with rosacea.

MySkin can help you regain your confidence by treating the issues that cause rosacea.

Performed by experienced laser skin clinicians in our bright and modern clinic using the very latest laser technology, our treatments have a very high success rate and have helped hundreds of patients to get their acne under control and face life with confidence once again. 

Rosacea treatment

Before your first rosacea treatment, we will perform a patch test to fully understand your skin and the correct laser strength to use.

Using our trusted Candela Light technology, we can reduce the appearance of redness on the skin by disabling the blood vessels on your face that seem so visible when you suffer with rosacea. 

Then, during your session, the light from the laser is targeted at the problem areas on the skin, and works to breakdown the vessels that cause the redness. 

In addition, we can also treat telangiectasia, otherwise known as facial thread veins. Our clients have seen noticeable differences after just a single treatment, and the results only improve throughout their prescribed rosacea treatment plan. No more having to worry about awkward redness with beautifully toned skin.

Find new reasons to love your skin as you enjoy a pampered experience at MySkin Boutique in Birmingham with our team of skincare experts.




Single Treatment

Course of 4




Single Treatment

Course of 4